Salud Sunday

This morning my husband and I were discussing the decision of whethor or not to get out of bed like two lazy teenagers who wanted to sleep till noon. With the time change upon us, and having gone to bed so late we were in no mood for an early morning. So here was our ever eloquent exchange:
Hubby: “We have to get up” He pokes me in the shoulder.
Me: “No, we don’t have to. We’re supposed to.”
Hubby: “Oh .Yeah.”
Me: “Where are the kids?”
Hubby: “Around. Somewhere.”
Me: “What do you mean somewhere?”
Hubby: “I don’t know! Just somewhere.”
Me: “I’m going to butcher the words “supposed to”!”
Hubby: “What?”
Me: “Yes, I’m going to butcher them. Kill them off. I’m gonna send them off along with the whos-its and whats-its of no where until they can’t summon me from my bed anymore. It’s the kind of word that leaves you stuck between “Because I have to” and “I should” Why do all my good ideas come early in the morning or really late at night? That is when all the good stuff comes!”
Hubby: “You only think that because your too tired, but really it’s not that good. It only sounds good.”
Me: Your a horrible critic.” I laugh. “A horribly mean one.”

With that said, we did get out of bed. My point in telling all this is, no matter where on the scale of “Because I have to” and “I should” you are stuck, you should always get out of bed; especially before an idea dusts itself off, tip-toes out the door, and leaves.

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