Masterpiece Monday

This post begins a never ending, hopefully wacky adventure, full of wonderfully crafted kidlit. Be my guest to peruse anything posted here. You won’t regret it as it will be well worth your time! This one is a bit contemporary and from the same author that brought Stardust to life and to the movie screen. It is wildly recommended for ages 5+. Enjoy!
I love this description about the author of The Dangerous Alphabet. Thank you Richard Marcus for your clever description of author Neil Gaiman–“But you know, have you ever looked real close at Mr. Gaiman? At the look in his eye and the strange little half smile on his lips? It’s the look of a man with a secret, I’d say, of a man who’s walked the paths of faerie at some point in his life and drifted around in time; touching down here and there, being a visitor for a while and then moving on.” Click o the link below for a sneak peek of the book! The Dangerous Alphabet (9780060783334): Neil Gaiman, Gris Grimly: Books

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