Woeful Workshop Wednesday

Cead Mile Failte! (100,000 welcomes!)
First, a little bit of nonsensical fun on St. Patty’s Day:

There once was a young girl age ten
Who wrote with a peculiar, purple pen
She awoke in the night
Something wasn’t quite right
To her surprise Pen’s limericks were quite zen.

Challenge yourself to some fun today and write a limerick with your little one!
Here is a link to help you with it: http://www.gigglepoetry.com/POETRYCLASS/limerickcontesthelp.html

I found a bit of fantastic advice on writing for young audiences and the mistakes writers make when writing for them. It truly is pretty good advice so don’t sweep it under a rug. Hang it right in front of your eyes where it belongs.

“Bad children’s writers don’t think very highly of children—in a picture book, they go for cute instead of clever; in middle-grade fiction, they over-explain or dramatize a character’s emotions so the reader is sure to “get-it”; and in YA, they assume edgy only means sex and drugs, not the tightrope of teenagers’ emotional lives.” –Quinlan Lee of Adams Literary Agency

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