Woeful Workshop Wednesday

I just must repost this fabulous jewel of information. I just cannot let it slip by! Thank you to kidlit for this post titled: 

Here are some snippets from the post: 

“A meaty situation or a controversial issue do not a fully fleshed-out manuscript make. It’s not enough. Lots of the most successful “issue books” or books where the character is in a bad situation keep these things in their back pockets but then evolve and build upon these issues or situations with a very rigorous plot.

“Keep this in mind when you’re thinking about your book. In today’s market, where editors like to see layers upon layers of conflict, having just a situation in  your story, not a plot, isn’t enough. It’s a very important distinction.”

To see the full post visit http://www.kidlit.com 

Take a moment to ask yourself if your plot can stand up on its own. Is it a sturdy plot or is it just simply a situation?

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