Bloomability Thursday

“Like a map maker a writer must select and omit details, orient and move a reader, and navigate their own biases when writing.”–Bryan Winzer commenting on the book, Maps of the Imagination: The Writer As Cartographer.

If that is true then this book is next on my reading list right along with,  Anatomy of Criticscism by Hermon Northrop Frye.

This quote could easily be about literature, writing and art:

“The place where our imaginations find the ideal that they try to pass on to belief and action, where they find the vision which is the source of both the dignity and the joy of life.

But you’ll have to read the book to find out. 🙂

I figure if I want to bloom as a writer I might as well unlock the “why and how” and the “what tickles my audiences imagination and mind” doors.

This simple quote sums up every writer’s dilemna. It puts all the rest of these quotes down the drain because it involves the struggle of passion and drive to the test:

Write something to suit yourself and many people will like it; write something to suit everybody and scarcely anyone will care for it.–Jesse Stuart

Don’t miss it! Don’t whimper. Don’t sulk; avoid petulance with your own writing–there is no room for it. Seek your aspirations and endeavor to do well.

Bloomability is just around the corner!

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