Fanatic Friday

It’s been a busy day in Neverland. We had the luxury of lounging around a pile of books fit for a king! Now I must say not one of them was dull. No. We were tackled with inspiration. Yes, it flew off the pages. Anything can happen right? Inspiration is quite the funny thing and I often find it in another book not to mention all around me. Consequently this blog of mine suffers while I put the next book together. You can’t blame me for my aspirations. Like I said, the inspiration flew off the page. I had to go catch it–slippery thing of a shadow I’ll say. So forgive me. I meant no harm dear blog and reader. I hope by the hook of my next creation you’ll understand.

On another note, I am still debating how much of a MS I should post on here considering they are sometimes below the 500 word mark. Who could object right? Opinions anyone? Thoughts?

Forever yours,


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