Tinker with Tools Tuesday

“He who writes, and makes it pay,
Will live to write another day. “–A paraphrase of the well-known couplet, “He who fights and runs away / Will live to fight another day.”

How’s a writer to live?

Write to eat.
Eat to write
Write to live.
Live to write.

Simple huh?

Not so much. Thank goodness my DH has one fantastic job and I get to stay home with the minnow and monkey and write about all the things they love! Did I mention I love most of what they love? Truly I do. 

If this is not your predicament and you find yourself struggling like a stubborn mule, feel free to vent today. Comment away if all is not well in Neverland. I find the best tool before beginning anew again is, taking the time to reflect and breathe right along the lines of “I’m horribly screwed.” and “This line could work right?” only don’t take forever dwelling on could, should, or would–it is the dark room where negatives are developed.  

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