Critique: In the Trenches

I received a detailed critique on Peek-A-Boom! I am so exquisitely thrilled that I got one from someone who took the time to really think about what the weak spots of my manuscript (MS) were, its strengths, etc, etc. It is hard to find someone who can do that. I only hope I satisfy the thirst of those I critique for. Naturally, I am horrible at explaining why I like something. Ask me why a MS is absolutely fantastic or horribly vague, and I am at loss for words. In terms of writing, my grammar skills, I feel, are often not where they should be. So you can imagine I feel inadequate to the task. Being a work-in-progress (WIC) I can be thankful for unlimited potential and get a move on with things to improve where I am lacking. Maybe someday I’ll get a thimble (equivalent to a kiss in Neverland history) for my efforts and skill as a critic, but for now I am merely a critic-in-progress, in the trenches, walking waist deep in mud, and hoping my galoshes and pen come out clean. Bear with me!

I’m ready. All systems a go. Pen in Hand. Ready to revise. Positive outlook. Pixie dust aside– I’m taking chances.

Lovingly so,

A Pen In Neverland

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