Woeful Workshop Wednesday: Smack in the Strawberry Field

     The weather was perfect today and we found ourselves on an adventure. “To the strawberry fields, I say!” at least that was the thought in my head even if it was not uttered in those exact words. Three pairs of feet walked the rows, finding the red juicy berries as we tossed them into cardboard containers. We picked until we could pick no more! Surprisingly so, my children listened when I ordered them “not to eat one single berry” until they were rinsed. Amazing! This got me thinking. How many of you start a story off with characters that you love–you define them–then somewhere down the line they decide to give you a hard time, they beat you up. You get bruises, nothing physical of course, just mental anguish. You wonder how it happened. When I am in this predicament it occurs to me that an excursion is always the solution, a break for research, a leave of absence (a short one), a mini vacation–so that you can eavesdrop, listening for dialogue that sounds like your character–even if it is only to the Strawberry Fields. Find a magical place and make it yours. Own it. Bring it to life. Let it soothe your troubles and wash away your fears, even if it is only for 37 seconds. If this doesn’t work for you at least you will be able to say. “So what! Let’s make jam!” It all works out somehow, sooner or later.

37 seconds to breathe, reflect, enjoy, regenerate, dream.Thirty-seven seconds well used is a lifetime,” –Mr Magorium–Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium

Where is your strawberry field?



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2 responses to “Woeful Workshop Wednesday: Smack in the Strawberry Field

  1. Oh, I love this! I think I've started 10 novels and leave them because the characters just aren't "working." Maybe I just need a little break to get refreshed…

  2. Definitely! Writing can be tough. 10 novels. Wow. Go refresh! Find a place that makes you wonder about everything, something that keeps you curious.