Splendiferously Superb Saturday

Giant mammoth tasks invaded my space today. Two words: take over. Said child, “Saturday” is horribly upset we missed her blurb of hilarious wisdom . Worked on future post and savagely sought artwork and books for Masterpiece Monday while Work In Progress was shoved off to the side. Post still remains dormant and to be sprinkled with pixie dust; it definitely has not landed in Neverland yet. Keep in touch. Believe.

Wait! There you are Saturday…come out now. Anything important to say? We are sorry for putting you aside. Do tell us what you need to say.

“Dad, remember that boy that was bothering me? I solved that problem.” How? “Oh, I just told him that when a boy is mean to a girl, it means that he secretly likes her. That’s how I know you really like me. He has been nice to me ever since.”


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