Splendiferously Superb Saturday

Baking a cake. What kind? Who cares! It’s CAKE! Pay attention!

Mother: “Ok we need….and 3 eggs.”
Saturday: “Okay mommy, I will HATCH the eggs!”

Mother says secretly to self: “LMBO…this is too cute. Obviously he meant “crack.” I love that kid!”

Thanks Saturday for the inspiration.

So today is Daddy Day Prep Day, all day. Yes! Okay, prep and writing. Repeat. We are going to attempt to bake a Father’s Day “so moist chocolate cake” for the “Daddy” of the house. The mess  is going to be catastrophic, I think. I’m going to try to remember that a mess is just an introduction/invitation to more fun….see my outlook here. I’m picturing messy fingers and chocolate faces. I’m picturing sticky hair and batter on our noses. Anyone else with me here? Ready to help your DH conspire like this on the one day he can get away with it? Go! We here take the profession of cake monger seriously. For those of you less than ready for tomorrow, here are some books that will be sure to inspire and pump ideas to the brain. 

What are your Daddy Day prep plans? Any  catastrophes (the kind labeled all over with love) headed your way? 


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  1. LTM

    hope you guys had a sparkling day! We made a cookie cake that was going to say "Happy Father's Day." But after spreading the white background, we realized we had no food coloring to tint the icing for the words. So we presented it to Daddy and had him imagine what it said–all good wishes, of course! ;o)

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  4. I'm so glad you guys had such a great day! It is always fun to make the ones we love feel appreciated! I'll bet that cookie cake tasted delish!