Masterpiece Monday: Wacky Wonders and Quirky Adventures Never Felt Better

Altoona Baboona left the library  for a ride in my car-a.
Found her way into the hands of my children and lounged in my living room-a,
Until I picked her up, and read her through and through-a.
Happily delighted she shared her afternoon-a.
Then off we went to stare at the moon-a.
To see what the hoot was all about, with Altoona Baboona.

See how fun that was!

Thanks Janie Bynum for this happy reading!

Haven’t you ever wanted to float? Be a princess? Well in this tale where the two come colliding together you can imagine both adventures at once! The Illustrations are just divine–detail aplenty! Lane Smith and Florence Parry Heide team up to make this princess soar to the sky. Princess Hyacinth is one I’m sure to buy!

Bruna, a story about a girl who is beyond cold and her adventure to warmth is one book I thought was quite clever. I never expected it to end the way it did and the illustrations are adorable–exactly as they should be for a story like this one.

Suzanne Marie Sabine Chicot Thibodeaux ain’t no ordinary girl, so upon reading her tale, I couldn’t help but love this Louisiana swamp story filled with unlikely adventure and an unexpected reptilian family that is sure to win your heart over. I can’t get over how playful the narration is. Now you won’t mind if I skip on over and join their swamp party now will ya? I have to thank Sharon Arms Doucet for arranging this little meet and greet I won’t soon forget–a frolicky swamp adventure packed with blazing Louisiana punch. Pick up Alligator Sue today!

The Sandwich Swap is a lovely story about two forever friends who encounter quite an unusual yuck versus yum situation. With their differences come courage and a journey to understand. Besides who wouldn’t want to read a story written by Queen Rania of Jordan (with Kelly DiPucchio) anyway? We can each be “a little ambassador of hope,” says Queen Rania.

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