Masterpiece Monday

I’ve been a bit crafty lately and not in the witchy sense; no where near it actually. The only thing my broom is used for is sweeping the dust and cobwebs out of my humble abode. The only spells around here are those of delight at the mere completion of a beaded bracelet or embroidery stitch here and there. Yes, I have been embroidering a dress and learning to make jewelry on top of all the writing I already do. So when I read the book listed below I was ecstatic to share it with you! So here it is. Enjoy!

Who wouldn’t love vibrant illustrations and a colorful story filled with love and the great secret to happiness–one of them at least. The Quiltmaker’s Gift is a special tale about a disgustingly rich and selfish king who hasn’t quite figured out what true happiness really is. With the help of a stubborn, but kind old woman–who lives high atop a mountain–he discovers what it is and how to obtain it. I love how it reads like a fairytale!

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