The Best Way to Critique (Tick Tock) Not on My Time

Of course we’re kidding! Of course by we I mean: me, myself, and my muse. So go ahead. Analyze me. 

I’m no expert but this sounds reasonably fun to me after having a few critiques under my belt with a vacation looking to the left and right of me for a clearance:

Set all manuscripts aside for a few days. Who said anything about lateness? Dilly Dally knows a thing or two about it….we’ll ask her if she can help with this one. 
IF it were up to me, said manuscripts (Shh! Don’t tell please. After all I’m only kidding) would all be sent off to the airport with tags around them that read, “Lost Property. Please look after this manuscript. Thank you.” I might even strap them to a suitcase…maybe I should consult Paddington Bear first. He’d know more about it. 
…and if the critique process doesn’t make you feel like one of the # snakes upon Medusa’s head then I don’t know how to help you–critique can drive any author crazy–especially if it brings to light the lack of critique for their own work. 
In the crazy fragile world of critique, how is it that I can give better advice to others’ manuscripts than my own? How does that happen? You tell me! Who said anything about sanity? We just want to feel like we have our mad skills back. 
Who would have thunk it? 
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To figure it out let think for you, or avoid it altogether. If you do you’re missing out on a lot of fun! 

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  1. Yeah, I think I would be willing to send my ms on a trip to a galaxy far far away right about now!