Summer Might Be Over If…

Yup it’s that time of year where I need to evaluate my goals and make a new plan. Here’s what I came up with so that my summer is sure to go out with a bang!

I will be taking a break for just a bit from this blog and focusing on:  writing, finding an agent, cycling, running, and my lovable family. I’m hoping to find an agent that is the perfect fit–no square holes and round pegs. I’m hoping to complete this if I can get on a team and I’ll be cycling twice a week. I’m so ready to up my mileage goal for riding, making it 20-25 miles within the next three to four weeks. I’ll be updating you when I can, there just won’t be regular posts for a bit. Hang tight and have fun!

Share your goals here while you wait.  I’d love to know what you guys are up to! Comment where you like on the posts that you love. I’ll be around.

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