What does the number 209, WriteOnCon, and the New Voices Award all have in Common?

A lot of fun running around–to accomplish them all that is.

I’ve been running around lately…literally! As if I didn’t have enough to do! When I said I needed to evaluate my goals, I took on a load of others along with it! I like to torture myself, but at least I feel accomplished at the end of it all. That is the goal right, to feel wholesome, accomplished, and HAPPY? Yes. That is the goal. So while I’m entering my MS to Lee and Low for the New Voices Award I’ll also be participating in (yes, finally it’s here) WriteOnCon and training for this grueling 209  miles with 11 other awesome ladies! Thank goodness I’m not doing the whole 209! All that and add to it the reading of these fun books:

Sisters Red–So good, so far. I so want to finish it today, but errands call….oh and writing, a critique, and revision!

Glimmerglass–The start of this one is fantastic! Can’t wait to finish it!

My goodreads list is never ending!

Like I said. A lot of running around. A lot of fun!

So, one more thing. I’ve been dreaming, literary style, punctuation and all, lots of commas. Last night I dreamt that Peter Pan had an  absolutely-freakin’-tastic crush on me and he tried to kidnap me/sneak me off on an adventure to Never Land. LOL. Too bad I woke before he could get me there! Is he trying to tell me something? Am I growing up too quickly for him and his world? If so I might be doomed as an author. LOL. J/K. Bwah ha ha ha! Well, not about the dream, just the doom and growing up part.

Who’s your literary crush, and forever-the-chocolate, why? Indulge us!

Here are mine! 🙂

P.S.–You must be absolutely riveted by said crush!


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4 responses to “What does the number 209, WriteOnCon, and the New Voices Award all have in Common?

  1. Glimmerglass looks really good, and I own Sisters Red and can't wait to read it.

  2. Good luck with the New Voices. Do you know about the Diverse Voices Award in the UK?As to my literary crush – I think Benedick from Much Ado About Nothing is the one for me!

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  4. I do now. Oh and have you been to Tom Avery's page? What a great pic of a tea pot he has there! I want one of those! I know. I know. I should be commenting ah hem)um I mean, swooning over the fact that he is the 2010 winner of the Diverse Voices Award…but how can you not notice that radical but cute tea pot! LOL. Sadly, I have only read part of Much Ado About Nothing BUT I have seen the movie which is hilarious (according to me). I really must read the rest. Will do some day! Ah though, Benedict…a worthy crush! Methinks I must wink at him… 😉