Tinker with Tools Tuesday

Oh! The writer in us all! Whew. I wipe the sweat off my brow and dust my typing fingers because I’m about to tackle a topic that we all tenderly covet and at times despise for the lack of it.

  1. A few good, excellent, sleep deprived, chocolate (possibly Pull and Peel Twizzler) loving writers bound by love for the PB, MG, and YA novel who possess a devotion to perfection and learning all there is to know of the publishing industry. Acquiring skill is key here people! 
  2. Must know perfect balance between rules and schedule vs no schedule. Please look up slacker, laid back, dilly-dally for examples of what not to lean towards while on the job.  Please peruse words/descriptions of over achiever, perfectionist, detail oriented/thorough, exceptional word monger to the extent of gaiety, wit beyond that of a sly fox, highly motivated, proactive, murderer of weak words and bad grammar, positive and passionate but with head still on shoulders. 
  3. Soliloquy is not welcome during critique! Spit it out already! Opinions are absolutely imperative  to survival or writer will self destruct within so few words. I would say seconds…but it just wouldn’t do the writer justice. 

Moral: One and all, seek the perfect group. Go forth and adore them!
 Tell me, what is your dream critique group capable of?

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