It’s All About the Shoe and Pippi

You know that saying “If the shoe fits…” well I’m gonna say, boy were they ever right! Only, mine may have been a little tight, or a bit too flexible….did anyone mention the arch of my foot? I’m on foreign ground here. All I know is that I’m off to the doctors tomorrow despite my enthusiasm, effort, will, and desire to run that relay. So here are the stats:

Desire to run a super difficult relay: tons of it
Skill level: experienced enough
Accomplishment of 6 miles average at climax of training: 100%
Gear bought specifically for the race: 50% (thank goodness I can use it for cycling)
Bloomability: Screeched to a halt. 😦  For now 🙂

I could say the same thing for a writer, minus the shoe part. If the agent/publisher/editor/plot fits…you get the idea. Only…

Thankfully (and with much appreciation) writing is a bit different if you can avoid the physical strain that surfaces, and I mean you must avoid it like the plague. If left unattended it’s quite a disaster, quite like Pippi’s hair and attire. She’s a bit of a masterpiece though–a crazy-quilt, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, spunkyiness all wrapped up together kinda masterpiece, but somehow she works out just fine because the writer made her fit into our little reader minds despite Pippi not being cookie-cutter. So how do I make this happen and how will it work for you?

As long as I don’t let my ego get carried away, or the horror of constant rejection slip past my (I hope) thick skin, I’ll be okay. As long as I don’t give up. (while I’m pondering this, I’ll need Twizzlers and maybe chocolate).

So while I had to abort “Operation Blue Ridge Relay” due to foot injuries (note: my feet won’t be taking me taking me any great distances anytime soon Dr. Seuss, but at least I’ll still be going quite a few places).

I’m still here to say:

  • If failure fits, wear it. Only don’t let it drag you too far down.
  • If the title “aspiring author” fits snuggly, wear it. Only hurry along and BLOOM soon because it will be much too snug before you know it. No one enjoys the company of a suffocating author.
  • If “Too busy for my WIP.” fits inside your head, then well, wear it, but only for less than a second. Seriously, MAKE TIME!
  • If confuzzled fits, wear it. BUT please, please, do sincerely try to discover the answers. Find solutions to your writing predicaments. Ask questions. Seek advice. Play around with your options and make changes.Do a nose dive into intuition and mere chance and spare yourself the pity party.
And when you are done, remember I’m the one who told you: the shoe will eventually fit, with a little bit of pain, and a bit of frequented trial and error. Just don’t forget you might encounter a look-alike Pippi every once in a while as you glance in the mirror. If so, it might be wise to adopt her mantra:
“bother all this learning. I can’t study anymore because I must climb the mast to see what kind of weather we’re going to have tomorrow.” —Astrid Lindgren (Pippi Longstocking)
but adopt it only for a little while because…
tomorrow  the “weather” just might be perfect. What do you say?

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