Tuesday Flew By Without a Peep

So here I am and it’s near the hour of midnight. Yup, and I’m shameless because I can say I had a pretty awesome productive day. Don’t try to talk me out of it. It’s set in my mind that the day was productive!

Today…I found out that the dress I am embroidering for my little one is now too snug around the chest, so yes, I had to rush to the wee little Hancock Fabric store for a solution to the problem.

Today…I had an epiphany. It came in one size–gigantic. When my mother said to me (about my writing), “You know people are watching you, you know. ” and I said back, “I know!” Heck yeah.”

Not to get a big head or anything…but…

**sets voice to a whisper and looks left and right before speaking again**

“…but it sure is a lot of pressure. A lot! My next thought was, “I have to nail this cover letter thing!” Already I’ve found myself in the bookstore–last minute–trying to get it all down, trying to get my writer self in gear for the New Voices deadline. I took a picture (for Operation Covet My Cover Letter) of the exact page from a book I needed the information from. Don’t shriek yet! Information is priceless people! As I said, shameless. It saved my life and my heart from worry! I’m going to buy it. It’s the least I can do.

With that said, let me tell you a bit about tools since Tuesday is nearly past, so I’ll jut squeeze it in.

 The Library = mad haven for a writer! Yo. Best. Place. On. Earth. Diamonds and rubies for the writer mind. Priceless jewels.

Coolest thing about today:


Now I told you I LOVE…absolutely ADORE research! Well, I do. Like, Ka-POW adore it, with a  kick punch, and a rockin’ fist pump to start the process. So when I found out that firework(s) shells were probably assembled and made, or even stored in barns (absolutely) before the 1800’s I was stoked! There weren’t many rules and regulations in the late 1800’s. Joy is multiplied by 100 right about now! Now the funny thing is I have a barn in my story and now it doesn’t sound like such a wacky idea to keep it in the story! I’m so happy about that! I’ve been in misery over whether or not to keep it in.

Yip yippee yippito…I can!

So in case you didn’t get the memo:

Tuesday without tools, i.e the library (every nook and cranny), Hancock Fabric (a remedy by the yard), Research (sometimes just one simple question) = one dull day

Tuesday with tools = Supercalafragalisticexpialadocious!

So now that my dirty writer laundry is all hung out to dry, tell me, what’s yours? Or, spill your latest research escapade, the one that would scratch any delightfully devilish performance from any tourist map–for miles. 

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