Masterpiece Monday

I had to think about this for quite a while, because in fact, it is probably more than one post. I couldn’t seem to pick one topic/theme for this post. So here is a list of Monday’s masterpiece books along with all my cool finds over the weekend:


I just can’t let it go that Halloween is on the way so here is another spooktacular PB for your little one. If you loved Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown, you’re going to absolutely love Goodnight Goon: A Petrifying Parody, written by Michael Rex. The illustrations are incredulously funny. Say “goodnight” to monsters everywhere with this one.

Counting in Spanish never was more fun than with Count on Culebra. Ann Whitford Paul introduces us to Culebra, a snake; Tortuga, a turtle; Conejo, a rabbit; and Iguana. Poor Iguana has injured his toe and cannot make his beloved dulces. So Culebra steps in as doctor for a day. Find out what happens next! The solution is sillier than this group of friends! There is even a recipe at the end of the book for the yummy dulces! Mm Mm! Que Rico! Woops….there’s another good book!

Ever been to a bug talent show? Well here’s your chance! Pest Fest, written by Julia Durango, is a showcase of the spectacular talents that bugs everywhere have. Who will win the Pest Fest? You’ll never guess. Find out when you read this book written in rhyme. It is chock full of wit and confessions of the buggiest kind…that and a few big words that will test your little one’s pest intelligence.

Don’t be afraid to read this next one with your youngest child. Big Words for Little People is a Where’s Waldo of words. Your child will be pointing out all the letters he/she recognizes and smiling when he recognizes that he really does understand a big word or two after reading this book. Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell sure know how to make BIG words a not so scary thing!

Book Fiesta is a colorful bilingual picture book all about the adventure of reading fantastic books. Delve into a story, slumber along it’s pages, and learn all about Children’s Day and Book Day. Celebramos El Dia de los Ninos/El dia de los Libros! Learn more here.

I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean. I won’t say much about this one other than if you love all things ocean than you shouldn’t skip it!


Ever wanted a Literary Map? Well here’s a pretty cool one I found of New York!

 Author confessions: Attack of the Eccentric Mind and Other Silly Author Things…

 TBW (to be written) with much spontaneity and plenty of hoity-toity flare.

Be ready to share a few of your own! Tune in tomorrow and be ready to spin on your heels.

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