Fanatic Friday

Today is all about me. Anything I fall in love with ends up in this post with besitos all over it. It might be my writing. It could be a few links I love on any number of topics or miscellaneous things. It could be a craft I’m working on or head over heels for. Either way they can all be tied back to writing because without them I wouldn’t be me! Sometimes I post research here too. So here is the catch of the day boys and girls:

Literary fun for Kids and Parents:

Take a tour here of the literary spots in England. You will discover places like J.M Barrie’s birthplace and many others! The tour continues through fall and winter so join in when you can!

Follow the The September Carnival of Children’s Literature here for some wonderful finds.

If you have tried to find children’s books in other languages and failed? Well, here is a link to assit your search! Have fun in French, or any other language for that matter! You will have a hard time saying Adios or Ciao to this site!


I love research!

I love beaches and sea life. I guess that’s my life in FL coming out. Anyhow, I stumbled upon these the other day.

Visit the Magic Porthole, bring your child along and learn about coral reefs and oceans!

Ever wanted to live in the ocean? Well these scientists AKA aquanauts do! This is one of the coolest finds for me:
You can follow them on twitter here so that you know when the live cams are operating and you will be able to get a view of the amazing under water life they all live. You can ask an aquanaut  anything about what they do or about the coral reefs or ocean. How cool is that? Way cool! I wouldn’t be doing them justice without mentioning that there is this fantastic book about them. Yes! Go read it guys!

And finally the current craft:

You know that dress I’ve been raving to you about, well, here it is (almost finished).  It was something I wanted to do while writing one of my novels. I like to put my self in my character’s shoes by experiencing a few things they might do (embroidery just happend to be one of them). IF you are wondering what kind of dress it is here is a hint.


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6 responses to “Fanatic Friday

  1. I love doing research. I've been watching a lot of one tv show (plus lots of DVDs on the topic) to get me into the "zone" for the first draft of my latest project. 😀

  2. Thanks for the links. Like you, I love research. Pretty dress. Great work!

  3. Stina: What show are you watching? Patricia: Your welcome! Thanks! All: Keep it up with the research.Research=FUN!

  4. That dress is beautiful. And thanks for the links. I'll have to go check some of those out.Thanks very much for coming across to my blog and for the wonderful comment you left. I really appreciate that. The support means a lot to me 🙂

  5. I'm a fellow crusader…Hey 🙂

  6. That embroidery must have taken ages! When you get time, post a close-up please! I have some embroidery projects waiting for me but they're at the end of a long to-do list.I like your idea of really getting into the world of your character through sharing their experiences. And if it makes you create an entire beautiful dress that's dedication indeed.