The Facts of Life

Children say some of the strangest, (but funny) things. Sometimes they spew out the greatest common sense that ever existed! 
Mommy: “Mommy’s eye is all red.” 
Saturday: “You need a shot in your eye.” 
Mommy: “Can I just put some drops in it?” 
Saturday: “Yes, first you have to put in one eye drop, then eat 4 cookies, and then go poop 2 times and your eye will feel all better!” 
Mommy: “Sounds good.” 
Saturday: “Mommy, you should not eat poop. It tastes yucky and it will make you very sick. Don’t ever, ever eat poopy! 
Mommy: “Okay, okay! Thank you. I won’t eat poop!” 
Saturday: “Good job Mommy.”

So unless you are one of those parents who feels this is the way to handle gross things…
“You are forbidden to talk about such things!”

here are a few books for the scientist who is much too curious about poo and other seemingly disgusting  things…


For the kid who always knows what to do:
 What is the funniest thing a child you know has concluded about bodily function(s)? Any funny (and obviously sincere/innocent) “know it all” situations? Tell me your favorites. 


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4 responses to “The Facts of Life

  1. Hilarious! My parents have a story about me and childbirth. Right around the time I figured out Santa wasn't real, just a fun story parents tell kids at Christmas, my parents gave me the "where babies come from" talk to explain how my baby brother was growing inside my mom. I nodded as if I completely understood. Then a week or two after my brother was born, I asked when they were taking him back to the hospital. My mom cried. My dad laughed. Turns out, I thought the baby story was like Santa Claus and my brother was like a toy that they could take back to the store when we all got tired of it. I thought my mom had just gotten fat and had gone to the hospital because she got so fat and tired she needed medical help. And that's where they picked up the baby, where he was obviously manufactured. It all made perfect sense at the time. I remember being shocked when I learned at school a few years later that babies really WERE made in that strange way!

  2. My son, now 6, discovered at age 2, while sitting on the toilet one day, "Mommy, does food turn to poop?" "Why, yes, child, it does! You are a genius!" I have a photo of that epiphany!

  3. My daughter (aged three and a half) frequently analyses and categorises her food according to whether it will turn into poo or wee.And, ah, I have to plead guilty to being the one who explained how the whole system worked in the first place. What can I say? She was actually listening to mummy for a change…