Masterpiece Monday

I’m currently making a Piñata so this post will have to be short, but read through to the end for clues as to what is in store for all of you as I near 100 followers!

Here are a few books that have caught my eye…

Keeping with the Latina/Hispanic theme…

Here are some books by Julia Alvarez. I love how she covers many controversial topics that children may have a hard time understanding. What better way to help children understand change, different cultures, adoption issues, and political issues, than to write a story about them. 

An adopted girl finally searches for her past. 

A Picture book story about “a secret tribe of beautiful people who live underwater in ‘cool blue caves hung with seashells and seaweed.’ Avoiding humans at all costs, they come out to hunt for food only at night. But the most remarkable thing about theciguapas is that their feet are on backward.”
The story about a girl from the Dominican Republic. When Anita’s “father gets taken away by the secret police, Anita and her mother go into hiding in order to avoid capture. Anita, of course, keeps a diary.”
 A story about Mexican immigrant workers and the challenges their children/families encounter in the face of deportation as a result of  being undocumented. 
One last book that sounds like a fun read but is not from the multicultural genre:
Here is a prologue from the book. It held me at the edge of my seat. I better go buy this one soon!
I have to say a BIG thank you to all my Lost Boys and Girls and those following through Facebook Networked Blogs! You guys are awesome! I’m nearing 100 followers and I keep thinking, “Oh no what to do! What will I do when I reach 100 followers (through blogger not FB)?” So I’ll let you know now–I do have something planned for you. What I need to know is what kind of prizes would you like? PB, MG, YA Books? Critiques? Fabulous notebooks to store those amazing story ideas in? Pens that shine on the page as you write about your amazing adventures in Neverland, or maybe just your journal? An LED booklight?Anything else that comes to mind? Spit it out while you can! I can’t wait for the fun to begin! 


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10 responses to “Masterpiece Monday

  1. Only six more followers! You're so close. These books look great.

  2. fabulous readings! Will see if I can get the secrete tribe book as it sounds so interesting…love your blog by the way!will be coming often too!hugslila

  3. Those books sound amazing! 😀 Me, I'm all for MG/YA books, but only if the contest's open internationally. Critiques are always great too! Perhaps you could just leave the option open?

  4. Melissa: So close, I know! I can't wait to see who the next 6 are. There are so many interesting people involved and enthusiastic with kidlit! Lila: Thanks! Glad you found one book interesting. *hugs back*

  5. Getting closer and closer! Great list of books and I read that prologue, it was wonderful. I loved the puddles of melted wax.

  6. Su

    I'm totally excited about pens that shine on the page, personally…

  7. I'm game for anything YOU want to give away. It's your gift of gratitude. P.S. I have an award for you on my blog.

  8. Su: I'll be looking into those pens. The search is on! Christie: How nice of you! I'll swing by. I'm still deciding who to give an award that was given to me. Big decision. Share the love right?

  9. I'm just signing up to follow too and I came via Rach's Crusader initiative. I'm here to say hello from one crusader to another.

  10. And again she just drops it into the conversation. You're making a Piñata??? I mean, I get the basics of the whole thing, but that's got to be a heck of a lot of papier mache…On the bright side you can fill it with stuff you're actually happy for your kids to eat, which I can't really say for the bought ones.What great cover art on the Julia Alvarez books, each quite different but beautiful in its own way.

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