Fanatic Friday

Here are some of my great finds from all over the web–things I’ve been focusing on learning and mastering:

Cynthia Leitich Smith put out an interview with Gayle Brandeis who is the author of My Life With The Lincolns. You can read the interview at her blog Cynsations. Brandeis answers questions about being an author and a mother. She also speaks about her research process, etc.


Now this is the kind of librarian we all need! This is one determined librarian! I certainly wish all libraries had enough dinero for all the wonderful programs that they provide the public, especially those that are for children.

I sometimes still have a bit of trouble classifying my WIP. Do you? Well, have no fear! The Big Ol’ Genre Glossary is here to help–brought to you by Jennifer Laughran, a literary agent specializing in children’s and YA fiction. This is a moment you should have full clarity on–a defining moment for any author as they realize what it is they truly love to write!

Ever wonder about those confusing paragraph/chapter breaks? Sometimes they can be a kick in the rear…unless you understand them. Not Enough Words certainly cleared it up for me!

I’ve been watching the SF Giants baseball games with my DH and I have to say that not only is their pitcher Tim Lincecum quite handsome, but he is also extremely talented! I’d like to be able to say I’m just as good a pitcher myself. I’m hoping you feel the same. So here’s a head start on that. Here and here are some more wonderful links to help out. I hope it helps!

Also, If you haven’t checked out who my wonderful fellow crusaders are, please do so by clicking the badge to the right!

What aspect(s) of the craft have you been focusing on in your writing? Post the link if you have it!


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8 responses to “Fanatic Friday

  1. LTM

    supercool! I can't wait to check out that genre glossary! Thanks, girl~

  2. Thanks for all the linkage! I'm going to go check it all out

  3. Thanks for these links. They're so helpful. I love the genre glossary.

  4. Just wanted to let you know that the paragraph/ chapter break link goes to the genre glossary. Great links though!

  5. Thanks so much for the shoutout, Angela! And thanks for that genre link – very interesting 😀

  6. Great links – and that genre designation issue has driven me *mad* in recent months.

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