When You Wish Upon A Star

Several things going on today:

PiBoIdMo 2010 BEGINS! Yippee!

Also it is Open Mic Monday at the Query Tracker Blog (QTB) they are taking YOUR questions about “writing, editing, agents and the journey to publication.” Don’t miss out!

Masterpiece Monday! Down at Sergio Ruzzier’s blog Hey, Rabbit! there all kinds of books just hopping about to be read. Lists of favorites from kidlit lovers all over the blogosphere compiled right on his blog! I figure it’s time I compile my own list!

I’ve found some learn-to-read books for my kiddo–fun ones mind you–thanks to a tweet from the tweet vine! I’ll share them with you! So here is the code name…Molly Coxe! Check her out, or at least her books! Here is a link with a list of her books!

Finally I’ve compiled a list of my favorite books! You should too. I’d love to see what your favorite PB are! Maybe later I’ll compile similar lists for YA and MG books. I hope you’ll share your favorites too! There are so many more I’m sure will become favorites as I begin to read them! So to all aspiring authors–keep writing!

These are my favorites, in no particular order (I couldn’t stop at ten):

SkippyJon Jones (series)


 Now I have a wish, upon a star…

Dear Ommwriter:

Please make your program compatible with Windows and HP. There I said it!


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5 responses to “When You Wish Upon A Star

  1. So many picture books! This is awesome!

  2. Great list! I absolutely adore Stellaluna and The Giving Tree. Good luck with PiBoIdMo!

  3. Thanks for sharing. That was a fun trip down memory lane. I like A Bad Case of Stripes and Rain Makes Applesauce.

  4. Alison:Thanks for the luck. I'm storing it in my pocket. Hmmmmm…an idea is coming…Christie: glad to jog your memory. Melissa: It's always good to have a favorites list!

  5. Great list. Many are my favorites, but you’ve listed a few that are new to me.

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