Leave Nothing But Tracks: Social Media Suicide

Beware of Sasquatch…

As a writer/reader I find that there are certain passages that leave a mark on me, in my writing, or in another’s writing. It could be a mark for the better, one that helps define my writing style or one that helps me to break out of my shell–even if moving onward toward success is something I’d like to do on my terms–but being a writer makes that almost impossible with all the elements of social media available at my fingertips. So, unlike the mysterious, unseen, Sasquatch, I feel I have to believe that I’m following the motto, “leave nothing but tracks!” Because let’s face it, if you don’t put yourself out there, you might as well be invisible, and for an aspiring author….well, that is practically career suicide. Anyone else feel the same?

The beautiful thing about blogging and the blogosphere is that there is support to be found in it. So don’t shy away from all of it. Take a peek and dive into it, just remember to set your priorities straight first–moderation is key! 

Below is a song that sums up my feelings about the whole balance between, “promote the book/author with social media” versus “make your writing the best out there” versus “use all the mediums/innovations for your book in order to reach a huge audience.” There are so many innovations cropping up in the writing world…and I feel this song grasps the attitude of focus that it all requires and yet is a reminder to keep things real and fun! It also sums up the world of “aspiring” for me. What do you think?

As you listen keep in mind that where it says “music/song/lyrics” in the song, you need to be thinking “writing/words/book/novel, etc” in order for me to get the point across. Where it says ” music for the television”  be thinking “e-book/nookbook for the kindle/nook, etc”.  “record label, would be “publishing world” You get the idea, I hope. In no way am I bashing anyone or their efforts here–just saying it’s a tough world, but that one can make it out there and hit success, but only if they are willing to “leave nothing but tracks.”

Any opinions? Don’t be a Sasquatch…let’s leave tracks all within moderation of course. I want to hear all about your hard work! Project Mayhem has something to say about it. Here is the link.  


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5 responses to “Leave Nothing But Tracks: Social Media Suicide

  1. That was so fun, Angela! And I love Jason Mraz! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I loved that song! Thanks for sharing! I need to remember this since I am so introverted it hurts. 🙂

  3. Leave nothing but tracks, huh? Guess that means in our blogging we should tread lightly and never leave rubbish behind. :-)So funny that you posted this song and applied the ideas in it to literature – I have a slightly related post scheduled for tomorrow on music and song lyrics.As for the ideas the song presents about what we do? Yes, I think a bit of cynicism is warranted about the difficulties of balancing creativity with the reality of catering to the market and staying in the game. But publishing, as they're so fond of reminding us, isn't a charity…

  4. "But publishing, as they're so fond of reminding us, isn't a charity…"Adina: Never a charity. So much to be done…always.

  5. Thanks for posting the song – I liked it. The promotion thing is interesting: do it wrong and it irritates and pushes people away. It's a fine line.

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