Tis the Season. It begins with a C.


This month is all about Christmas! There are so many things I could say about the holiday season, but because this blog is centered around kidlit, I’d like to mention something from the literary world that pertains to December.

This month I’m reminded of one special guy. He begins with a C and ends with a…

Cot. Yes, the kind you sleep on.

I’d also like to replace the teddy bear with a book. Can I do that? There that’s better! There’s nothing the imagination cannot remedy.

I’m reminded of Mr. Caldecott due to one fact:
Children eagerly awaited the two books illustrated by him, priced at a shilling each, which came out each Christmas for eight years.”–TTLG blog  Yeah it’s that time of year. 
Okay two facts: 
I find it interesting that despite, and against his fathers wishes, he found a career in illustration. He followed his dreams. That is BIG folks! He broke away from the norm. He broke away to reach his aspirations and meet HIS expectations of success. Mr. Caldecott, you are one of my heroes! 
I suppose you could say he is the Santa Clause of the literary world for Illustrators. I suppose those who hope to be worthy of the award must seem like the children who traverse about the Christmas tree with glee in their eye as they wait to open gifts. I suppose an illustrator must feel like a giddy child just before Christmas with eyes all aglow in the event they have the opportunity to accept such an offer as The Caldecott. But, Oh, what an honor to have your name given as an award to others for all their hard work and bloomability! I can’t imagine what that must feel like! The Caldecott Award is an illustrators dream come true. I’d say it takes a lot of bloomablity to get to that point in an illustrators career. Hard work it is, and without illustrators we authors wouldn’t have a chance at picture books (unless you like stick figures that is) now would we. So this is a hats off and a “hip hip hurray” to Illustrators everywhere!
If you could pick the books who win the award, which ones would you find worthy? Yes, today you get to be our literary Santa Clause. I’ll reveal my picks later in the day. I want to see if I agree with yours first. Ha ha! I like to spin things like that. 
Also don’t forget the Author Birthday Reading Challenge! Spread the word! There are prizes to be had! 


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2 responses to “Tis the Season. It begins with a C.

  1. I like that little piece of trivia about Caldecott. I didn't know he published two books each year at Christmas. I have no idea who I'd pick to win the Caldecott — children's lit is not my area of expertise. I'm sure you have some good ones in mind, though!♥ Mary Mary

  2. I'm not sure whether there's a geographic criterion for Caldecott – but we have a brilliant writer/illustrator here in Australia called Shaun Tan. There are so many illustrators I love, and I'll certainly buy a picture book because I love the illustrations. Yes, I'm one of *those*!

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