Fanatic Friday

Today is all about what I like! Yea!

I have to mention a great lady today! An Author from Aurstralia, who I will be bold enough to call friend even though I hardly know her, has reached magnificent-reach-the-stars status. I first met her at the online conference writoncon and discovered she is one of the hosts of pblitchat! Since then I have been amazed with her and her publication success. I’m so happy that Samuel’s Kisses is now in print!! Go Karen Collum! You Rock! Join her as she spreads the word about her book! Who doesn’t like to help out a fellow author anyhow? I’d love to do an interview with her! I’ll just have to see what she says about that!

I came across this fantastic list today. One that should be near and dear to authors everywhere, even if you don’t know about it yet. The author of the blog Playing by the Book has divulged information on Book Charities! What fun! I’m all over it! I just may use this fantastic list someday when I have books or money to donate, etc. The list is being updated so if you know of a charity currently not on the list, contact the blog author. I wonder if there are book charites in Mexico! I’m sure there are. It is just a matter of looking. How’s that for a nice little treasure hunt over the weekend?


Tomorrow, December 4, 2010 is Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day. Click the banner to the right for locations! If you can’t find a participating bookstore, well who says you can’t take your kiddo to the bookstore! I say go for it!

Also, don’t forget about my Author Birthday Reading Challenge for the month of December! Read books and earn prizes! Spread the word! 

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  1. Su

    If I don't have a child, may I just take myself to the bookstore? 😉 (Or my husband– he enjoys acting like a child.)

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