Author Birthday Reading Callenge: Rules

This challenge is closed to all for now and may or may not be introduced again in the future.

So here’s how you get points to earn the prize:

1. Follow this blog: +3 pts AND…
2. Read at least one book from the list of author birthdays for the month specified (in this case starting  Feb 2011) The more you read, the more points you get! For every book you read you will get +3 pts and +5 pts  for answering a question about the book (these will be listed below also but not all books will have a question).
3. Spread the word: blog about this challenge, tweet about it, put the banner on the sidebar of your blog, or link back to this post through facebook. Comment and give a talley on this post of your points. Please also list the link(s) to your blog, tweet, or Facebook page that cover the challenge/contest. Follow this step closelyand it will get you a good +5 pts.
5. Be sure your kid gets that special book he/she has been wanting to read.Obviously it has to be an author from one of the lists. +8 pts if you post a picture on your blog of your kiddo reading it and comment with the link to the photo! 
6. +10 points for donating a book (Spanish or English) to the book drive I’m organizing. It’s ongoing  just in case you are wondering. 

If you happen to read at least one book from each list I’ll enter your name into a drawing for a special prize which will be ready for you at the end of the 2011! So keep tabs on the books you read so you can send me a list of the ones you have read by December 2011. 

***contest is for USA, Canada, and Mexico only*** 

Thats it! Whoever has the most points wins! If there happens to be a tie, well then I’ll have to do a raffle.

The winner will get a book or a few books from the authors listed below!!!! Once the winner is selected I will contact them to get shipping information in order to send out the prize.

Here is the official banner to add to your blog ! So spread the word on the challenge:

  Not every month will have a winner, it all depends on participation. 


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