Eat Pray Love and Write…

I feel like that woman in Eat Pray Love. I’m restless.This year needs to be about finding my balance in writing and just being sure I know where I stand with those little pesky commas, semi-colons, and heck the whole infrastructure of my writing! I feel like it has been raining doubt for weeks with no sunshine. I need a peep hole (I got a glimpse from Lee and Low books the other day and I feel so close, I just might be a breath away) so I can peek through and see the sandy beaches (yeah the ones with the crystal clear water, the one’s mermaids just might inhabit), those far away places that seem so fun and magical from a distance if we would only get on a boat, ship, or airplane and just take the leap and explore them.

This year I’m an explorer. I’m a traveler. I’m Don Quixote, circa first expedition only. I’m Columbus…Amerigo Vespucci. I’m Ten Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and swimming for the surface. I’ve been cooking like crazy and loving it. Now that I’ve been so sincere I’m not afraid to say that I believe Don Juan has entered our bedroom several times this month, oh wait that would be my loving husband. TMI I know, but I can’t let you get away with thinking I haven’t got the “love” part covered. I’ve been a character all to herself. In my own world. Let an awakening begin.

My blog will drown a little bit…okay a lot, but all in the name of discovery and preservation (not just for my writing). Before I head out though. I promised I’d let you know who the winner from December’s challenge is…..

Congrats go to Melissa from Through the Looking Glass! She is splenderific. 😉 I always smile after reading one of her charming, sometimes silly blog posts. So Melissa, please e-mail me your address and I will ship to you your prize. In fact, you get to pick the book! You can pick anything that is listed from December’s Author Birthday Reading Challenge list.


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5 responses to “Eat Pray Love and Write…

  1. I am SO with you on the exploring thing. I'd love to go out and explore the world and those beaches where mermaids (probably) live and the european countryside where fairies (most likely) are the ones causing all the mischief. I may have an opportunity to go to France with my university this summer and I'm really hoping everything there works out because that would be absolutely AMAZING!Glad Don juan is keeping you happy ;)Awe. Thanks for the compliments (splenderific is an AWESOME word) and I am SO excited that I won. I am grinning like a maniac, seriously, you may be a little scared if you could see me right now. 😉

  2. IT is a whimsical word isn't it! I hope you get to travel to France also–the cheeses, the breads, the fruit tarts, oh my! Tell me all about it when you return! Pleased to know you are grinning like a maniac. That's what I'll be doing when a book of mine ever gets published–Mad Hatter maniac status, I'm talking futterwacken dance and Cheshire cat smile combined. LOL. Giggles will abound and fruit tarts will be served all around. Check the mail every day for your book!

  3. Angela, I LOVE your blog! Not only is it full of resources, the Neverland theme is so fun! Best of luck in your publishing journey! We're on the same path–I can't wait to get to know you more!~Carla

  4. Carla, Salutations! Lovely to meet you. Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to getting to know you also. Happy writing!

  5. Late commenting as usual – but I hope this year brings you wonderful things!

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