I find the kindlegraph an interesting item, who wouldn’t? I love the idea of an author being able to send a personal message and electronic signature to a reader for an e-book they have purchased, BUT there is nothing like the real thing…waiting in line to meet an author and receiving a physical John Hancock and not some digital copy sort of thing. Somehow the experience won’t feel as magical to me. There is something about watching an author whip up a pen, gently press pen to paper, and allow their signature to flourish the pages you have read.

Technology continues to amaze me by creeping its way into our lives, forever changing the the publishing world, changing the way we view books…it is endless really. As much as I like having the technology available for when I want to take my books on trips and vacations–bringing books along on a kindle is much easier than packing books in a suitcase or sack I’m sure–I can’t help but wonder what will happen to the disappearing medium of a physical  hard copy of a book.

I love feeling and turning the pages of a book. I love the smell of books. Will my future grandchildren (goodness this is a long ways away, ages) relate to books as I do? Must all good things come to an end? Really must they? I feel like…with many Borders bookstores closing, which bookstore will be next? Will smaller independant bookstores crop up as many speculate they will? What if they don’t? Will libraries become more popular or less popular?

Are we all just becoming a  bunch of fear mongers over the whole thing? I’m not sure what to think, other than: I want my own library! At least if I have my own library I can keep books alive for myself and for generations of  family who may never know the delight of holding a REAL book in their hands.

What do you think? What are your thoughts on the whole thing?


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2 responses to “Kindlegraph

  1. Very sad, I felt such a traitor when I turned two of my books into eBooks.

  2. I know the feeling. I felt bad when I read my first one. LOL. I don't find it a negative thing to survive as an author by converting books into eBooks. They are a great convenience at times. I just hope it does not make a book with paper pages rare, or to disappear altogether.

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