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So Many Ideas…And A Turkey!

What a month this has been so far and it wouldn’t have been so without PiBoIdMo! I mean, last year was tons of fun, but this year is even better! More ideas, wonderful posts, and fantastic people….just fantastic! I am amazed at the level of creativity I see each year that I participate. I love the support that this community shows for one another, and the encouragement I receive from them to keep going, going, going. The holiday season wouldn’t be quite so great without PiBoIdMo. This much I know is true. It is a great feeling to be united in the same goal: one picture book idea a day, every day, for one whole month! The thing I love about it is that it is not overwhelming at all (unless you are doing NanoWriMo too, which is a WHOLE other story for another time).

It’s doable. Doable! As doable as a stuffed belly at a Thanksgiving meal: scrumdiddlyumptios portions of WOW moments for the mind. AND you can be sure I’m partaking of those portions again next year! So here’s to PiBoIdMo and the grand EVERYTHING that goes with it! I ♥ you PiBoIdMo for everything that you are and ever will be. My hat’s off to you and everyone who makes it possible. My heart is full of gratitude for all of you. So no slacking yet. Keep coming up with those ideas, even if they are few, many, or right on the mark. Participate to your hearts content because it only comes once a year! Thank you Tara Lazar  for putting it all together!

My progress by day thirty: forty-nine ideas, four rough drafts, and a whole lotta fun! 

What’s yours?

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Triumph over Rejection(s)

Getting rejections is NEVER easy, but fight through it you must. I found this piece of inspiration just now (after a rough night of doubt) and it is brilliant! I’ll never forget it because it is helping me push through at this very moment. It is helping me fight the doubt. It is reminding me to never give up. I’ll find that special agent. I’ll find that publisher. I’ll find that magical moment where I’ve worked through the muck and the dirt–all the hard work–to find that my writing has reached an “aha!” moment. Go on…click the link below…it will do loads of good…

“…and your work will be as good as your AMBITIONS.”

Go on!


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Picture Book Month!

If you don’t know by now that it is Picture Book Month, well, get busy! There is so much you can do to celebrate it! Read your favorite picture books to a child. Read a child’s favorite picture book to them. Buy picture books and gift them to someone or to an organization: a loved one, a family member, a school, a library, etc. There are many ways you can share picture books! Be involved. Be proactive about it!

Hereis a website dedicated to Picture Book Month! You will find different ways you can celebrate throughout the month. You will also find fun stuff, educator freebies, and book activities offered/suggested by authors. Take a peek and join the adventure! I know you’ll have tons of fun!

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