Looking Down

So I’ve been thinking. Remember how I posted about being a pirate and sailing care-free toward success? I also mentioned something about being an eternal optimist. Well, I’ve been thinking about the best possible way to do that. Yeah it takes goal setting, and will power, but what else does it take? I believe I’ve figured it out….Eureeka! I have to surround myself with positive energy, the energy of an optimist.So where does this energy come from?

Let’s talk about the most important kind of support you can have…YOU. You are the best gift you can give yourself. You have to create your own energy. When nothing else is working for your career, when everything falls through the cracks, when it seems like you can’t take any more rejection…the best thing you can do for yourself is look down. Yes, I said it, look down, down at your hands in your lap (or wherever you have placed them at the moment). Your going to have to pick yourself up and keep going. This attitude  is the fuel you need.

It’s all about DESIRE. So don’t ever doubt the skills of the optimist. It’s your best bet.  It is the one thing you have total control over. It’s just like author Jon Gordon says, “You are the driver of your bus.” He basically says that you need to have a vision for where you want to go and execute that vision with positive energy. And knowing the world is made of energy, I’d like to be on the positive end of things and that includes my thoughts.

So whatever your goals in writing are whatever direction you decide to go in,  please keep in mind that

“Our thoughts are powerful because they are loaded with energy.”–(female bus driver)  from The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon

…and energy is fuel. It’s magic. It is the thing that makes me want to get up in the morning. It is the thing that keeps me excited about what I do.

One last thing,  here is a formula from Jon’s book that you can keep in mind so that you can remember to harness only positive energy:

“Events+Perception=Outcome”   They key is to keep your perception of the event(s) in check. In other words, keep your perceptions positive. Accentuate the positive in every way possible. Don’t treat the potholes in your life like a death sentence, treat them like the hiccups they are and don’t waste your energy on them. I’m not going to, and you shouldn’t either.

“…but I am bound to live up to the light that I have.”Abraham Lincoln


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4 responses to “Looking Down

  1. Great Post! Full of MOTIVATION! Here’s one more, from me the writer… a little rewrite on a classic:
    What doesn’t kill us…. makes a great story! Quick write it down!


  2. This post is wise and insightful and chock full of good ideas. There’s enough about being a writer that we CAN’T control. How we think and stay motivated is one of the few things we CAN control. Yay! Knowing that is just a hop, skip, and a jump from living it.

    • I agree. It is my goal this year to not sweat the small stuff…by being an optimist. I think we writers tend to forget that we need to go easy on ourselves, especially when the things are not in within our control.

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