Playing With Made Up Words

Alright, alright…I couldn’t help myself. A facebook friend posted a link to a fantabulous (you’ll get this pun later) blog with this outlandish, but wholeheartedly ridiculous chuckle-til-you have-a-stitch-in-the-side fun idea! This blog proposes a made up word every now and then (okay okay, it’s really the last Monday of each month, without fail). Your job is to define it, give its part of speech (adjective, noun, verb, etc), and a sentence with the word in it. Boy, oh boy what fun it was!

This was the word I found there: Huffaloftus. <—-Click the fun word to find the link to the blog  Lessons From Teachers and Twits where you will find out more about this challenge and many more definitions (in the comments section of the blog) for this way cool made up word.

Anyway here is my definition and all the lovley lovies of the dictionary that would follow along any genuine word thereafter:

Huffaloftus: (n) – A woman experiencing a horrible asthma attack with no inhaler in tow, who, after several huffs and puffs along the way, continues to chase her wild children (who are under the influence of sugar), as they romp around The Loft (trying on every garment they come by, as if they are clowns in a circus giving their silliest performance ever to the staff who are either shaking their heads or laughing), and who, finally stops to gawk at the pricing of lovely merchandise which is well over her budget, BUT finally on sale, one day only.

The mother felt like a complete huffaloftus after leaving The Loft, but she came away with a great buy so it was all worth every ounce of hoolabaloo she had do endure for the sake of affordable fashion.

Was that fun or what?

Of course this makes me also think of my question, when do slang words enter the dictionary, and above all when do made up words–if ever– reach slang status, and then dictionary status? Any thoughts? This is going to take some research!


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4 responses to “Playing With Made Up Words

  1. Thank you so much for liking my redonkulous word game. This feature actually runs the last Monday of every month. 😉 (Unless I have my period or something.) But seriously, if I love love love your definition the bestest of them all, I will sing your praises and link to your blog.

    So I hope you put these guesses on my blog! 😉

    Thank you for devoting an entire entry to my idiocy. I mean “whimsy.” 😉

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