That there up above is my word for the day. Doesn’t it sound lovely? I have a plan for this word. Truly. I just need  a magical wand to complete the plan. I was thinking, wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to shout out “Delenda!” with wand pointed in the air to watch that horrible, very disagreeable, no good sentence (maybe just a single word) disappear from a manuscript that hasn’t outgrown the work- in-progress stages yet?

I’m betting it’s a whole lot more fun than hitting the delete button on the keyboard. Where’s the flare in that? So what is delenda? It makes me think of two words: delete, and delight (all this because  the “enda” portion of the word reminds me of the word Splenda which makes me think of REAL sugar which is, as we all know, a delight to eat)…as in “What a delight to delete you!” but that’s just my version. 🙂

Anyhoo! Here is the original definition:

Delenda: that which needs to be deleted, something that has been deleted.

Delenda, delenda, delenda! Me gusto delenda! 🙂

I’m in love with it. Don’t be surprised if it pops up every now and then!


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2 responses to “Delenda!

  1. I love Delanda, Angela 🙂

    hey, Angela Delanda… sounds like a character lol … a little fairy who loves to delete things ! haha… perfect.

    I love new words too 🙂
    Denise of Ingleside, PEI

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