Discovering My Style

I’ve been painting quite a bit lately, mostly watercolors, and I am happy to say that I really like the medium. I like that it is such a challenge and I love that it gets a bit tricky at times. Watercolor definitely owns up to its name in the sense that it is very fluid changing precisely like the water and very capricious in nature if you are not careful with it. Expect anything from it; it’s is full of surprises. I have a lot to learn; going the self-taught route is quite the adventure. Just yesterday I learned that pastels go quite well with finished watercolor and so does pen/ink. I’ve also learned that white gouache is a nice finishing touch if you need to fix an error on watercolor….especially when it comes to those tricky white areas.

And when it comes to style and being selective, I’ve learned that I like my art to have bright colors, and goofy/quirky, animated characters. I’ve also come to realize that not everything needs to look so realistic and that simplicity is sometimes better than the complex. I really love impressionist paintings of the Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh fashion. And when it comes to illustration my favorites are: David Catrow, Sara Palacios, Clement Hurd (The Runaway Bunny), Helen Craig (Angelina Ballerina), Eva Montanari (Princess Matilda), Judy Schahner (Skippyjon Jones), Graeme Base (Animalia), Angela Dominguez, Jenn Hales, Maja Sereda, Tim Lee, Courtney Pippin-Mathur, Lane Smith (Grandpa Green), José Luis Ocaña, Jon J. Muth (I Will Hold You ‘Til You Sleep, and Zen series books), Rebecca Dautremer, and Tony DiTerlizzi.

Now if I can just combine the likeness and styles of all these artists, you will have an idea of what I’m reaching for. Like I said, I have a long ways to go but I’m having fun with it, lots! Someday I’ll publish and illustrate my own book. Someday. I just need to find Wonder Agent and Super Rad Publisher. Where ever you are, and I know you’re out there somewhere, I won’t give up looking. 😉


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7 responses to “Discovering My Style

  1. kathyellen

    Love this, Angela!
    I am glad that you are experimenting and finding mediums that you like. Isn’t it great to experiment and then come up with something that is just so totally awesome? Never ceases to amaze me.

    I stayed away from watercolors for a LONG time but did a lot for my summer art. I liked to use marker and crayon with watercolor too!

    I know someday you will find that Wonder Agent and super rad publisher.
    Keep up the good work, and share some more art!

    (I know, I should be talking, I’m sitting on a portfolio over here that I still need to scan to show everyone….)

  2. I am so excited that you are studying the picture book styles! Isn’t it fun and oh so interesting. The variation between styles of realistic to bright and primative. Yet each have so much energy in them. I hope to read more of your illustative adventure and the books that you study each week!

  3. Lori Mozdzierz

    I like the whimsical style of your art! Posting your finds is a great idea. Like paying it forward.

    Did you ever name your little red haired surfer girl?

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