Folktales from the Twisted and Dark Side

I wrote this somewhat twisted and dark−even melancholy−tale a while ago, and was not sure what to do with it as it does not seem to fit anywhere in particular with the usual things that I tend to write. Nevertheless, I had fun with it because it was an exercise in perspective. In this case, the piñata. It reads kind of like a (very short) folktale. Enjoy.

A Cautionary Love Tale
By Angela Peña Dahle

A colorful Piñata hung in the air, suspended with twine. She swayed to the peaceful sound of the wind and the loud fiesta music. “What a great day for a swing in the tree.” she said. “What a great day for a party!” She scanned the great outdoors for the birthday boy who was happy to be playing with his amigos. And then she saw it, just a glimpse. She spotted something shimmering in the sunlight. “What is it?” she asked. “Oh my! So tall, strong and gorgeous just like me.” Try as she might, she could not reach the object of her affection. Not even the wind was much help. She didn’t have to wait long though.  “Oh at last we meet! My true love…my soul mate!” And then she learned what was to become of her. “Oh my! Wait! What are you doing? Stop!” she cried out. WOOSH! SWISH! With a violent thrust, she was swung high into the air. And then it happened…BAP! She was hit. “How could this be love? “I have so much to give! Stop!” But the crowd shouted, “Dale dale dale!” until her sides burst and all that she was, everything she had to offer, all the sweetness and fun she kept inside, came toppling down to the ground. She was torn, but no one cared. No one looked up to check if she was okay. They were all bent over the ground grabbing at what was left of her. “Scavengers!” she shouted out to them. No one heard her, only the Wind, who when he heard her cries took pity on her. Piece by piece, the Wind granted her the freedom she longed for. With His breath, He gently carried her away. And that is when she realized what love really is. It is the thing that sets you free, free as the Wind: her one true love.


October 29, 2012 · 10:23 AM

3 responses to “Folktales from the Twisted and Dark Side

  1. I’ll never look at a pinata the same again…..

  2. Anonymous

    I never thought of a pinata in that way, that is amazing! I can picture the pinata being free at last after giving everything it had. Keep writing!

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