Rain Makes Applesauce…

Rain makes applesauce…no, really it does (read the book).  It also makes for a whole lot of fun! It has been raining quite a bit this winter. No bueno! I’m just not a fan of cold rain. On the upside, it inspired the sketch below. The idea was to depict lots of movement and the feeling of celebration and thanksgiving after the rain has come. The palms are supposed to look like confetti or fireworks in a way, to depict celebration, happiness, and a bit of fun, but especially a bit of wonder. I hope you like it. I was so into it, that I lost track of time, and by the end discovered that I had spent six hours on this one sketch! SIX! Muy bueno! 🙂 Enjoy!

Rainy Day Palm Trees 2


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2 responses to “Rain Makes Applesauce…

  1. I definitely feel the movement!

  2. I really love this sketch, very vibrant and alive!

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