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Way Out In the Desert…

Where the cactus bloom and thrive…

Is an unusual pairing . . .I know a clown doll (or a scarecrow if you prefer) and the desert don’t go together. But in this illustration they do. . .because I’m the artist and it’s my imagination run wild. . .and I’m not finished yet either. Stay tuned. It might be a while, but while you’re here, why not guess what this clown/scarecrow  is so afraid of? My guess is: Gila Monster armed with firecrackers. I’d say Oz is a bit tame. I’ve now got another story idea! Who’d a thunk? Only me. Only me.


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Mermaid Sans Fins, Tail

I just wanted to post the progress of something I’ve been working on for fun. The DH calls her the Lady of the Sea. Her hair took taking forever to complete. Note that the last one is a WIP watercolor of her.







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