I’m a Finalist! Go Vote for a Favorite!

Remember that story (see below post) I wrote about a holiday mishap? Well the judges liked it enough and I made it to the finalist round. Now it is up to everyone to go vote for their favorite story. VOTE HERE! Mine is number EIGHT (Three Little Kings)! Yes, that is numero OCHO!  Please read the other entries though before you settle on a vote. After all, I wasn’t the only one who sat down to write a holiday mishap story (but if you enjoy mine the MOSTEST, I won’t mind it one bit).

Voting is Dec 16th- Dec 18th and the winner will be announced Dec 19th. So please go find the story that tickles your fancy, and for the love of all holiday things (mishaps, shenanigans, family traditions, etc), VOTE FOR IT. 🙂

Happy reading!

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One response to “I’m a Finalist! Go Vote for a Favorite!

  1. B. H. Moore

    Well, The Night Before Christmas was certainly beat to death. There were only two other than your story that were nice, but 1) your story was directed to a larger youth audience, 2) nicely written, 3) your family so I’m prejudice. Best of luck.

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