The Skateboard Princess and the Pebble

I didn’t think I’d be doing another one of Susanna Leonard Hill’s Contests, but this one seemed even more fun than the last one, AND I needed to get the juices flowing, AND it just isn’t fair that the DH gets all the March Madness fun via basketball (because I haven’t been paying attention), AND I have never written a fractured fairy tale before. Ha! No more! Enjoy. Here it is:


By Angela Dahle

In a skatepark, far away, lived Katarina and her skateboard. She was the happiest princess alive. It was hard not to be happy when surrounded by 10,000 square feet of amazing skatepark: quarter pipes, half pipes, bowls, and street obstacles, set upon a plethora of ever-smooth concrete.

But all was not perfect in her skatepark kingdom. It all came down to a pebble, a tiny pebble wedged in the ground. The King and Queen tried to find a way to remove it, but alas, it was impossible. Neither knave nor royal knight had been able to remove it. Tony Hawk even attempted it, but he was no match for the tiny thing. The pebble was an absolute eyesore (not to mention a lawsuit waiting to happen) on the smooth asphalt.

“This pebble…it’s just not happening. It! Must! Go!” said Katarina.

She tried to grind it down by riding over it. No luck. Her makeshift sandpaper wheels were no match for that pebble. It had quite an edge.

“To the mattresses!” said Katarina.

They piled mattress upon mattress atop the pebble. No luck. The princess could still feel that blasted pebble as she soared over the top.

“I can totally sense its presence,” said Katarina. “I can see the lump from high in the air!”

Maybe, just maybe, thought Katarina, my diamond earrings will cut right through the pebble.

No luck. It was bad, a very bad day. “So much for diamonds. I should have known. They’re just another rock.”

Suddenly a vision popped in her head. “Wo! If we can’t take the pebble out of the park, let’s put more pebble in!” said Katarina. Then she dialed her best friend who knew a thing or two about pebble.

He pedaled down from his mountain bike park.

“What else are friends for? I had plenty to spare. Now let’s pound these right in!”

So they did. Diamonds or pebbles, dresses or shorts. Katarina knew her friends were the kind that raved about sports!



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22 responses to “The Skateboard Princess and the Pebble

  1. Angela, what a great solution to her problem. Nicely written!

  2. Fabulous twist on the Princess and the Pea, Angela! I love the whole skateboard theme, the celebration of sports, and Katarina’s inspired solution! How wonderful that they could all live happily ever after in skateboard bliss 🙂 Thanks so much for joining in the contest Madness! 🙂

  3. The princess and the annoying pebble: a fractured and edgy fairytale! Great update to a classic.

  4. A totalized modernized Princess and the Pea, Angela…great job! Love that the pebble is felt by the skateboarding princess. 🙂

  5. This is so fun! I want to hang out with her!!!

  6. jackiewellington21

    I like the modern twist to an old tale. And I love a girl who skateboards. Thanks for sharing.

  7. laura516

    I’m always up for a princess story with a twist. Good job!

  8. Love the skateboard princess and her skateboard kingdom. Fun twist on Princess and the Pea!

  9. Joanna

    Great modern version of the princess and the pea and I love her solution.

  10. Cool twist on the traditional princess – perfect for my athletic girl.

  11. Isn’t that always the way? A tiny pebble can cause so much trouble!

  12. I can just picture the skateboard princess, my kind of gal.

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