Recent Work In Progress

 The first watercolor is “Little Red Riding Scarf”. I’m finding I like working on coldpress paper. 

The second is from a prompt “discover” for Susanna Leonard Hill’s challenge but I will also be using it as my SCBWI “adventure” prompt. Unless I decide to use “Little Red Riding Scarf” for that instead. The next time I paint it I’ll be taking out the two smaller balloons because I feel they clutter the area surrounding the bird a bit much. I’m still working on giving the scene some depth with shadow under the highway. 

I’m really enjoying working on both of these. I’ll post again when they are finished (aiming for June 2oth or prior to that).  Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments as to which I should use in each prompt. 🙂 Adios for now. 
2015-06-04 14.10.54

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