Working with a Bit of Magic

Sometimes magic is found in the most unlikely places. For me a dash of that magic was found sprinkled throughout 2020. While 2020 was a bit of a challenge to many, including myself (face masks and being deaf don’t go well together), I’m happy to say it has also felt like I’ve been working with a bit of magic as well. It has truly been memorable and I’m grateful for the growth I’ve experienced. I was the recipient of the 2020 SCBWI IPOC Scholarship that allowed me to attend my first full SCBWI conference in which I also received feedback on my MG historical fantasy novel from a literary agent. I, of course, was thrilled with the constructive feedback.

I also applied for a mentorship with Las Musas and ended up being matched with author Jennifer Torres! This mentorship has been so valuable. I’ve been inspired throughout and the mentorship isn’t even finished yet. I’ve been able to focus and push forward with my novel in ways I never expected. It’s extraordinary how an outside perspective can be so helpful. Writing can be a lonely profession but the KidLit community is so kind, helpful, and generous that you can’t help but be ecstatic to be a part of it, and I hope to pay it forward some day.

I adore this tweet from Jennifer Torres in response to being paired together for this mentorship.

Lots of great things happened in 2020 for me. On top of purchasing a beautiful home in NC, I also discovered the ending to my novel and I’m still getting it down on paper. It is wonderful how it has come together. If it hadn’t been for my years in FL, and my local critique group there who encouraged me to write MG I never would have ventured down that path. I would still be writing picture books and nothing more. To top off the year, I was able to apply for the WNDB Walter Grant and am still hoping I have a chance at it since I’ve not received a response turning me down. One can hope. Now, life in 2020 hasn’t all been roses and I’ve actually experienced a lot of physical pain this year, but my point, my friends is that I’ve chosen to focus on the good, the positive, the things that brought me joy and it made 2020 magical. I’ve felt like someone from above is sprinkling pixie dust on me and all I needed to do to let my talents soar was to think happy thoughts, so I did. What were some magical experiences from your 2020 year?

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