Fiddling with Focus

Oh my, 2021 is nearly over! It has been another wild ride. I used my WNDB Walter grant money to purchase a new computer, which helped so much! I took on another job after moving to NC which of course took a bite out of my writing time and I’ve had to FOCUS tremendously to carve out time for finishing my novel. I’ve done writing sprints, for 10-20 minutes at a time. I’ve come home from work and crash landed at my computer just so I didn’t lose that busy bee momentum, and kept typing until dinner or bed. Then there have been days where admittedly I did not write at all because I was far too exhausted, but I assure you my brain was thinking up thoughts, ways to add to the story some clever colorful detail, no matter how delectable, or dull the thought might have been, I thunk it! Through it all, I finally finished my MG historical fantasy novel. I revised it MANY times, and wrote my query letter and synopsis. I researched literary agents, and at long last, I have queried. My book is out there . . . in the hands of agents! As I type this, two agents who requested the full manuscript are ACTUALLY READING MY NOVEL!

Last night, after telling my family that an agent requested the full manuscript, my son came to me and drew a bit of love on my paper, a four leaf clover with a dog named Walter who is a bit of a local celebrity around here, if you know where to look. Now if you know my son, you know that dogs are his happy place, he adores dogs, they are sacred to him. They are floofy and fluffy, and can do no wrong. So to see that drawn by him, well, that made me feel all the happy feels a mama can feel. My daughter shared a big hug with me, and I know the hubs was also super proud of this milestone of mine. They have all been a huge support. So, no matter what happens next I have my familia by my side, to join me in the next adventure, the next book, the next challenge. In between all these writing moments are moments of fun, moments shared with familia, and those are the moments that get me from one writing goal to the next, time and time again.

If anyone is needing a bit of luck, here’s Walter with his four leaf clover and contagious smile, which I hope you all catch:

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