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Playing With Made Up Words

Alright, alright…I couldn’t help myself. A facebook friend posted a link to a fantabulous (you’ll get this pun later) blog with this outlandish, but wholeheartedly ridiculous chuckle-til-you have-a-stitch-in-the-side fun idea! This blog proposes a made up word every now and then (okay okay, it’s really the last Monday of each month, without fail). Your job is to define it, give its part of speech (adjective, noun, verb, etc), and a sentence with the word in it. Boy, oh boy what fun it was!

This was the word I found there: Huffaloftus. <—-Click the fun word to find the link to the blog  Lessons From Teachers and Twits where you will find out more about this challenge and many more definitions (in the comments section of the blog) for this way cool made up word.

Anyway here is my definition and all the lovley lovies of the dictionary that would follow along any genuine word thereafter:

Huffaloftus: (n) – A woman experiencing a horrible asthma attack with no inhaler in tow, who, after several huffs and puffs along the way, continues to chase her wild children (who are under the influence of sugar), as they romp around The Loft (trying on every garment they come by, as if they are clowns in a circus giving their silliest performance ever to the staff who are either shaking their heads or laughing), and who, finally stops to gawk at the pricing of lovely merchandise which is well over her budget, BUT finally on sale, one day only.

The mother felt like a complete huffaloftus after leaving The Loft, but she came away with a great buy so it was all worth every ounce of hoolabaloo she had do endure for the sake of affordable fashion.

Was that fun or what?

Of course this makes me also think of my question, when do slang words enter the dictionary, and above all when do made up words–if ever– reach slang status, and then dictionary status? Any thoughts? This is going to take some research!


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Enter the Writer

I insist you must watch the below video first! No scrolling to the text first! I mean it! Don’t make me karate chop you! KERCHAW! Let that be your only warning.

Now don’t you wish you had these lovely Lollipop Patrols to help guide you through the writing process. Hear me out now. I’m sure they’d do a fine job of it. Even if it’s not in their job description, I do believe they’d be up to the task! I came across this hilarious video after reading about the Highlights Fiction Contest, which led me to a wacky news article headline, and hence the video above. So it got me thinking about my writing process and how phenomenal it would be if we all had something like these Lollipop gals to guide us along–no fret or bother–the whole process. So after also reading about another author’s writing process, I started evaluating mine. Have at it!

Where do all my ideas come from?

Very weird dreams, something silly my children have said (or another child), something from a cartoon or comic, lyrics to a song, and sometimes ideas come while doing silly things, and they even come to me while doing the mundane (yes, ideas come while I do house chores and floss my teeth).

Where do I write them all down?

Sticky pads, scraps of paper, my hand, the back of a receipt, thick notebooks, gum wrappers. I’ve even texted an idea to myself from my own phone or from my husbands phone–I really need to remember to put a notepad and pen by my bed! I’ve even written ideas down in the shower, steam and glass make a VERY good partnership (AKA one fabulous pen) at least until someone intent on disturbing you opens the door, disrupting said flow of glorious savior-like steam….not to mention your thoughts.

What happens to that idea:

Sometimes I toss the idea around in my head and write keywords down on paper. Sometimes I do a query first or write about the characters that I find interesting or surprising. Sometimes I type out dialogue on the computer, or even images or scenes. Sometimes the idea has not evolved enough to be a complete picture book and so I have to set it aside. Other times I have the biggest idea in my head that is bursting to get out and I can’t get it down fast enough because it feels too huge ( like Bubbilicious big and ready to burst) and I keep running out of paper to write it all down. Breathe! Breathe! Please remember to breathe during these moments dear writer because we kid not, these moments are pretty scary. A writer without paper, a head brimful of ideas…what a nightmare! What to do? What to do? Let it be known, I have gone so far as to get my kids to memorize the idea for me, or at least the key words of the idea. My son has this amazing memory; I don’t know what I’d do without the help of his brain. Bless his brain.

So the idea is set on paper, not in stone okay:

I begin my first draft. I decide everything I wrote is not worth the dirt on the bottom of my shoe. I reach for a pen to scratch it out or for the delete button on my laptop. Just before I crumble it and toss the thing or decide to delete it, I decide that one line is worth saving….or at least rewriting. Then I realize I could go with this, so I roll with the punches. I rewrite the whole thing, or most of it. After several drafts, I again send it off to critique group. I even let my husband read it. Sometimes I read it to the munchkins for kicks while I wait things out. I wait some more…expecting the worst, hoping for the best. Finally I get what I was waiting for…yup good ol’ constructive criticism come to poke and prod maybe even frighten me a little (think: boogie man eebie jeebie style)…but no, I look down and behold I see OPINIONS, because that is exactly what they are, (with the exception of grammatical errors and typos-everyone hates those, but hey, they happen to the best of us, right?)

Sink or doggy paddle to the edge of the bank?

Then I let the critique sink in for about 24 hours or so. After I recover I make changes I agree with. I never change something if it ruins my vision of something or makes me feel like I wouldn’t want my name on it. So I write (sometimes while listening to inspiring music. Yes, I have lists of this “writerly” music) until my fingers ache and I am gasping for breath at the edge of the page. Then I know I am ready for critique again. Sometimes this process leads me to the finish line with 20 something drafts/revisions plus or minus! It gets tiring. Then there are the days I feel I am rotting beneath the pages, like my talent is not good enough. I cry. We all do. Then I read my favorite writing quotes, but especially the one about my tastes not being close enough to my ambitions. I keep writing because I’m no quitter. I want to reach my ambitions.

This is where I really start to panic. I, after one more critique group, am exhausted! More O-P-I-N-I-O-N-S-! I’m up against the wall and cornered. And all the extra opinions may as well be onion breath, because I’m suffocating. I don’t know what else I can possibly change about this creation of mine. I feel crazed, like Frankenstein. I want to be able to scream at the top of my lungs “It’s alive! It’s alive!” but I’m not there yet. I’m just not there. Gah!  I shut the project in a drawer. I leave it there a while. I go live my life. I brainstorm again. I have fun. I forget the project. And then…when I’m not paying attention, and my kids and husband are enjoying life just as much as I am, it comes to me. Yes, that idea, that vision I have hidden away, has surfaced. There’s is no stopping me now. I’m at it again, but this time I have hope (and chocolate chip cookies) by my side. 🙂

Until…it all begins all over again. Indeed it does.


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Salud Sunday

This morning my husband and I were discussing the decision of whethor or not to get out of bed like two lazy teenagers who wanted to sleep till noon. With the time change upon us, and having gone to bed so late we were in no mood for an early morning. So here was our ever eloquent exchange:
Hubby: “We have to get up” He pokes me in the shoulder.
Me: “No, we don’t have to. We’re supposed to.”
Hubby: “Oh .Yeah.”
Me: “Where are the kids?”
Hubby: “Around. Somewhere.”
Me: “What do you mean somewhere?”
Hubby: “I don’t know! Just somewhere.”
Me: “I’m going to butcher the words “supposed to”!”
Hubby: “What?”
Me: “Yes, I’m going to butcher them. Kill them off. I’m gonna send them off along with the whos-its and whats-its of no where until they can’t summon me from my bed anymore. It’s the kind of word that leaves you stuck between “Because I have to” and “I should” Why do all my good ideas come early in the morning or really late at night? That is when all the good stuff comes!”
Hubby: “You only think that because your too tired, but really it’s not that good. It only sounds good.”
Me: Your a horrible critic.” I laugh. “A horribly mean one.”

With that said, we did get out of bed. My point in telling all this is, no matter where on the scale of “Because I have to” and “I should” you are stuck, you should always get out of bed; especially before an idea dusts itself off, tip-toes out the door, and leaves.

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