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The Facts of Life

Children say some of the strangest, (but funny) things. Sometimes they spew out the greatest common sense that ever existed! 
Mommy: “Mommy’s eye is all red.” 
Saturday: “You need a shot in your eye.” 
Mommy: “Can I just put some drops in it?” 
Saturday: “Yes, first you have to put in one eye drop, then eat 4 cookies, and then go poop 2 times and your eye will feel all better!” 
Mommy: “Sounds good.” 
Saturday: “Mommy, you should not eat poop. It tastes yucky and it will make you very sick. Don’t ever, ever eat poopy! 
Mommy: “Okay, okay! Thank you. I won’t eat poop!” 
Saturday: “Good job Mommy.”

So unless you are one of those parents who feels this is the way to handle gross things…
“You are forbidden to talk about such things!”

here are a few books for the scientist who is much too curious about poo and other seemingly disgusting  things…


For the kid who always knows what to do:
 What is the funniest thing a child you know has concluded about bodily function(s)? Any funny (and obviously sincere/innocent) “know it all” situations? Tell me your favorites. 


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Splendiferously Superb Saturday

Saturday was tickling my legs. I asked him what he was doing and he responded, “I’m getting the bugs.” I think it is time to shave my legs. Ha ha ha.

Children are just too funny not to post their remarks here or not to have a whole day devoted to some of the things they say! After all where would we kidlit authors be without them? 

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English Muffin Caper

I am having an uber fun and busy weekend so far! It’s smothered with one lovely campout, several delicious smores, 2 chili-smothered hotdogs, and stickiness galore. So when I got back from said camp out I ventured

To mimic this:

atop this:

So basically I failed and the two never merged for lack of ingredients…AKA frosting. Heck! I just wanted to see if the real thing measured up to its hype! I never found out. So without further ado, or much ado about nothing, I introduce:

A Breakfast Exchange with Saturday (our anonymous child of the week):

 “Mom, are these called Indian muffins?” “Huh? Oh… no, those are English muffins.” 🙂

If you have any questions on any of the above mentioned you may want to meet the marks to clarify it all.

Before I jet though, might I suggest we introduce another manifesto to our day, say toss this in while at it. Your kid will get kicks out of it I promise! Now I’m off to go beat on my own drum.

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Saturday on Holiday

Okay I lied. Saturday is NOT on said holiday. I tried desperately to derail this post but have failed. Secrets have a way of finding their way to the public right?

Me: Saturday I really think you shouldn’t share what we discussed. Has no one taught you the importance of top-secret finesse?
Saturday: It might be cool?
Me: How? How!
Saturday: Really it’s just a matter of time, a matter of relativity. They could relate to something else, or not.
Me: But…
Saturday: No. No more. I’ll call out the PR  people. If it gets out of hand, if anyone busts our chops… we will distract them with ice cream and pixie dust. They will be so occupied they won’t remember any of it. I assure you. Your secret’s safe wit me. Ha!

So here it is: the ultimate memo

Things We Have Done In the Name of Research: Finding Our Inner Kid.

1. Food fights @ the dinner table
2. Played in the sprinklers-squirted the hose at others-brought out the water balloons–used them like an army brat tossing live grenades.
3. Walked on tip-toes past sleeping hubby love. Used sharpie on DH (okay not yet but planning it).
4. Sung at top of lungs to Fiddler on the Roof in front of toddler who laughed hysterically then tried to imitate us.
5. Dipped french fries in milk shakes and laughed with milk shake mustaches.
6. Sung Little Mermaid songs in shower, yes at top of lungs!

In my world…did I mention…it might be cool…if I…

1. Got a haircut from Edward Scissorhands.
2. Could have a “fairest of them all” mirror smack on my bathroom wall.
3. Could play the part of Sleeping Beauty just once. What does one have to do to get some sleep around here?
4. Could just once play the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters.
5. Could share ownership of Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium.
6. Could meet Dustfinger from Inkheart.
7. Could borrow Little Red’s riding hood for excursions to grandmothers house
8. Could sit stop the lap of the Abe Lincoln Monument–but this is naturally out of the question.
9. Could Lift Excalibur from the stone.
10. Could vacation in Suessville/land.
11. Could fly atop a sparrow like Thumbelina.
12. Could have my very own secret garden–old antique key and all.
13. Could fly with Pan. Wait….I do that already.

“A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.” ~Willy Wonka

So what are your picks? Add to the list(s). 


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Splendiferously Superb Saturday

Giant mammoth tasks invaded my space today. Two words: take over. Said child, “Saturday” is horribly upset we missed her blurb of hilarious wisdom . Worked on future post and savagely sought artwork and books for Masterpiece Monday while Work In Progress was shoved off to the side. Post still remains dormant and to be sprinkled with pixie dust; it definitely has not landed in Neverland yet. Keep in touch. Believe.

Wait! There you are Saturday…come out now. Anything important to say? We are sorry for putting you aside. Do tell us what you need to say.

“Dad, remember that boy that was bothering me? I solved that problem.” How? “Oh, I just told him that when a boy is mean to a girl, it means that he secretly likes her. That’s how I know you really like me. He has been nice to me ever since.”


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Splendiferously Superb Saturday

“A Virginia teacher presented each child in her class with the first half of a well-known proverb, a different adage to each child, asking that they complete the adage at home. The following were among the replies she received. No, Mel Brooks didn’t help these kids with their homework.”

This one was just too good to pass up! Thanks Saturday!

“The pen is mightier than the . . . pigs.”

Very true Saturday. Very True.

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