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Playing With Made Up Words

Alright, alright…I couldn’t help myself. A facebook friend posted a link to a fantabulous (you’ll get this pun later) blog with this outlandish, but wholeheartedly ridiculous chuckle-til-you have-a-stitch-in-the-side fun idea! This blog proposes a made up word every now and then (okay okay, it’s really the last Monday of each month, without fail). Your job is to define it, give its part of speech (adjective, noun, verb, etc), and a sentence with the word in it. Boy, oh boy what fun it was!

This was the word I found there: Huffaloftus. <—-Click the fun word to find the link to the blog  Lessons From Teachers and Twits where you will find out more about this challenge and many more definitions (in the comments section of the blog) for this way cool made up word.

Anyway here is my definition and all the lovley lovies of the dictionary that would follow along any genuine word thereafter:

Huffaloftus: (n) – A woman experiencing a horrible asthma attack with no inhaler in tow, who, after several huffs and puffs along the way, continues to chase her wild children (who are under the influence of sugar), as they romp around The Loft (trying on every garment they come by, as if they are clowns in a circus giving their silliest performance ever to the staff who are either shaking their heads or laughing), and who, finally stops to gawk at the pricing of lovely merchandise which is well over her budget, BUT finally on sale, one day only.

The mother felt like a complete huffaloftus after leaving The Loft, but she came away with a great buy so it was all worth every ounce of hoolabaloo she had do endure for the sake of affordable fashion.

Was that fun or what?

Of course this makes me also think of my question, when do slang words enter the dictionary, and above all when do made up words–if ever– reach slang status, and then dictionary status? Any thoughts? This is going to take some research!



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Tinker With Tools Tuesday

The perfect word for the week condisering Easter is upon us:

Hagiology (n)

“Hint: Hagiology has more in common with with myths and magic than superannuated sylphs or testy troglodytes. To be more specific, it is literature that narrates the lives and legends of saints and venerated holy people or, ephemeral events of a supernatural nature.”–– weird words

Although, some may consider the Christian belief that Christ was resurrected on the third day after his crucifiction to be similar to the supernatural and impossible, me and my family know it truly happened. It is a part of our faith and testimony and not part of a hagiology.

Hagiology- Noun
1. literature narrating the lives (and legends) of the saints
literary composition, literary work – imaginative or creative writing
legend, fable – a story about mythical or supernatural beings or events

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Tinker With Tools Tuesday

I am absolutely sorry that I have been away. It has actually been eating at my mind. Lines like these have been filling the corridors of my mind, “You may only have three readers, but that’s no excuse.Chop, chop! Get to it. Post away. How could you start a blog and then abandon it? What a waste of space in the blogosphere! Horrible misfit of a blogger!”
Yes, that has been the condition of my bemused mind while I hobbled quietly away from grand tinkerdom thinking I could never accomplish such a wonderful blog. NO MORE! Well at least not on Tinker With Tools Tuesday! So here we arrive.

My birthday was far from uneventful. Despite tummy turbulence that day–I declare something was certainly sloshing about in there–we ventured out. I kid you not! I shall mention, I followed two children along a basketball court that day as they frolicked about the court running this way and that with pure blissful abandon, not a thought in their minds (I’m sure of it) but, “how far can we make mommy run today.” It was sheer heaps of fun. We rushed home for a little nap and then on to the movie theatre for a 3D movie, gigantic bug-sized glasses and all, to see Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland–what a wonderful movie, pure imagination.

I know, I’m stalling with the word of the day here but it will all be worth it. I promise. So anyhoo, afterwards as soon as it was all over and Alice had declared her “6 impossible things before breakfast” speech. I turned to my most wonderful husband beaming with love for the movie.
“Tim Burton sure knows how to spin things wonderfully doesn’t he?”
“Yeah, that’s because he’s crazy.” says said spouse.
“No, no, he’s a bit eccentric and wonderfully beyond creative.” If ever there were a word for that, I’d jump for joy. There would be glee in my eyes. Glee.
My husband then continued explaining that in the movie is a scene with Alice and her father. Alice asks, “Am I crazy.” and her father replies “Yes, you may be. But all the good ones are.” Isn’t that so? I love that line! Don’t you? So my point is as clear as the kings (yes, of hearts) response in his own crazy court.”So [when you are one of a kind and]the words don’t fit you” simply reply as the queen always does:”off with his/her head!” Of course I’m kidding, maybe we’ll only awknowledge or refer to you as the wonderful word of the day:(sung to the tune of the cartoon show “We’re Animaniacs”)

Yes, were bizarre, and unusual
aberrant, and abnormal. Anomalous, beat*, bent*, and bizarre.
Were eccentric. We’re animaniacs. Were fun and full of zany weird far out facts. We like to create wondor and pretend to be capricious, characteristic, and cockeyed. Don’t let us fool you we crazy, curious, droll, erratic, far out, flaky, and possibly a freakish freak. Absolutely funky*, and definately funny. Now if you want a few more words here is the end of that: idiosyncratic, irregular, kooky, nutty, odd, oddball, off the wall, off-center, offbeat, out in left field, outlandish, peculiar, quaint, queer, quirky, quizzical, singular, strange, uncommon, unconventional, unnatural, way out, weird, whimsical, wild. We’re ANIMANIACS!

It’s a win win kinda thing, but if you are not happy with any of those, writer, we will simply think of you as they do in Alice in Wonderland: one of Alice’s many many “impossible things before breakfast”.

I naturally take a bow and exit to the left.

“Then the words don’t fit you” said the king

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