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WIP: Down to the Details



September 27, 2013 · 10:33 AM

WIP: “Pish, posh,” just like Hieronymous Bosch

With the start of school came many things: rush hour traffic (i.e the pitter-patter of feet running about the house so not to be late in getting the kids to school), empty gaps of space and time sans children. Now you might be thinking this means EXTRA TIME to get things done, but not so, think of it more like this…

Illustration by The Dillons from Pish, Posh, said Hieronymus Bosch

sans the,  three-legged thistles,  pickle-winged fish, and other creatures. It might be peaceful now without the noise of my children, but now I feel like there is SO MUCH MORE ON MY LIST because I can actually do it without interruptions. With that being said I have several WIP’s that need to be finished, along with several other project ideas. Here they are (keep in mind they are NOT finished):














20130919-090451.jpg 20130919-090516.jpg

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