Busy Year Bountiful Progress

The year was so busy I felt like a bumbling bee bumping into everything but the flowers I intended to encounter. The year was long and much of it went by in a blur, but not without some good lessons. I moved from NC to The FL Space Coast which was rough. I walked the beach a lot, almost every day after our move to FL because it is one of my anchors in times of lots of change. It truly calms me. After adjusting from the move I found this amazing writing critique group and we meet in person each week. I’ve learned so much from them. I found a job as a media assistant at an arts elementary school and love it! That put me in overdrive, but I’m still loving it because I’m curious beyond infinity (yes, I know realistically that doesn’t make sense but it’s fun saying it). I learned I shouldn’t let anyone dull my sparkle, and how to pace myself in my writing. With that said, my word for 2019 is PAUSE. I will:

Pause to enjoy the things I love, curious things, and mi familia.

Pause when I make mistakes to ponder on what I learned and to plan for improvement.

Pause when I’m being my worst critic so that I have time to make a U-turn and switch to positivity and constructive things instead.

Pause when I’m not brimful of happiness, or balance so I can regain my wits and fill my lamp with light and love to edify others.

So with that, I leave you a token from one of my many beach adventures:


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