Donde esta Angela? Where is Angela you ask?


I’ll be doing a number of things this year:

  • I’m in this amazing local critique group. Hooray for critique groups! I’m now also participating in an illustration critique group with SCBWI members.
  • Im attending my first SCBWI conference for a few workshops (not the whole conference).
  • I’m working on two Middle grade novels which are currently halfway complete. Both are fantasy/adventure novels.
  • The Friend accepted a third article of mine and the publication date is TBA. I’m ineffably happy about this.
  • I received a diversity scholarship a few years back and participated in Julie Hedlund’s 12×12 Challenge. I’m always reflecting on what I learned from that experience and using it on my manuscripts.
  • I was also selected for a half scholarship to participate in a five week online course offered by The Children’s Book Academy: The Craft & Business of Writing Picture Books. I networked and learned more in those five weeks than I did in ten years on my own! Mira Reisburg and Kelly Delaney were ever so helpful with their professional feedback.
  • I’m also applying for a Sustainable Arts Foundation grant in 2019 and crossing my fingers that I receive one, and I will be applying for a WIP grant/award through SCBWI if my MG manuscript is completed by the March deadline.


Goals this year:

  • Hopefully I’ll be able to attend more than one SCBWI conference this year.
  • Find a literary agent that is ecstatic about my work! I’ll be querying all year long, here and there. I’m willing to take my time to find the perfect fit for me and my work.
  • Writing, writing, writing! Reading, reading, reading! Oh add painting and sketching to the list. My focus has been on watercolor.
  • I’ve also been studying picture books to see if I can identify what medium the artist used in their illustrations. Sometimes the inside of the book will say what medium the illustrations are, sometimes I get nada (nothing) information on it. It has been a nice little game my kiddos and I play together. 🙂
  • I’m bulldozing (okay it’s not really bulldozing, more like a slow, persistent flap and flutter) my way to publication (with a little bit of pixie dust in hand)…at least that’s the goal–to make magical things happen through my writing.