Donde esta Angela? Where is Angela you ask?

Smack dab between pen and paper. Floating amongst the clouds. Using my imagination. . .

SIGNEDINK.ORG is Live! Check us out!

My article in School Library Journal introducing Signed Ink: Deaf Authors Talk About Imagination and Creativity.

I did, or will be doing a number of things:

  • I’m in three critique groups, one an oldie but a goodie, the other two are more recent MG groups.  Go #MGForce through MGHub! It’s so great to have the support from a group of writers who are also SCBWI members.
  • I created a group for D/deaf and HOH writers and illustrators group who champion D/deaf voices in KidLit: Signed Ink 
  • I attended the SCBWI Summer Online Spectacular as well as the SCBWI Winter Conference. While there I received a wonderful critique of the first ten pages of my historical fiction fantasy manuscript from a literary agent during the SCBWI Summer Online Spectacular in 2020.
  •  I’m currently querying my MG historical fantasy novel and two agents requested the full! I have an idea for a 2nd book if it becomes a series and I have four other MG book ideas to explore.
  • The Friend accepted a fourth article of mine and the publication dates are TBA.
  •  I’ve applied for the 2020 WNDB (We Need Diverse Books) Walter Grant AND I GOT IT! I bought a new computer with the funds. So helpful!
  • I received a mentorship from Las Musas and was paired with an amazing author, Jennifer Torres, who is giving me feedback on my novel. She’s amazing!

Goals this year:

  • Hopefully I’ll be able to attend more than one SCBWI conference this year
  • Start another MG fantasy novel, and another, and another.
  • Query MG novel: find a literary agent that is ecstatic about my work! I’m willing to take my time to find the perfect fit for me and my work. I need someone who wants to publish my whole body of work PB and MG.
  • Writing, writing, writing! Reading, reading, reading!
  • I’m bulldozing (okay it’s not really bulldozing, more like a slow, persistent flap and flutter) my way to publication (with a little bit of pixie dust in hand and perhaps a skeleton key or three that may or may not unlock the doors I need to enter)…at least that’s the goal–to make magical things happen through my writing. I really want to make a difference in the lives of children by writing books with diverse characters in them. I really want to mainstream deaf characters as well.